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Glaze & Vase is a brand based in Turkey that started to produce high-quality titanium-coated mugs and glass products for people. The ideology behind the brand is to bring tradition and high-tech together in every single product that they manufacture. While ceramic and glass are traditional materials that the world has been using for so long, PVD coating is the thing that we use in high technology devices and processes. PVD coating has the capability of giving a wide range of colors to glass, plastic, metal, ceramic objects consistently.

Roles For the Project

  1. Brand Definition
  2. Target Audience
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Brand Design and Audition
  5. Web Design & Development
  6. First SEO

“Glaze and Vase is a brand that will change the look to glass and ceramic products and higher the expectations of people.”
Glaze and Vase Brand Logo Under a Mug

Perfect Fit

Since the target audience has already been analyzed the steps to take were quite simple to design the brand that attracts potential customers. If you know the unique points of your products against your competitors, and your potential buyers very well from beginning your journey to success is much easier.

Glaze and Vase Brand Logo on a Sign

Inspiration Point

We have realized that the target audience of this brand was extremely similar to the people that affect the decisions of the community that they are inside of. We mean the influencers. This step helped us to decide the colors and style of the brand and website as well. Because we have already know what our target audience has already attracted to.

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