Importance of Landing Pages


If your website is not going as good as you expected at the first place, you might want to take a look at your landing page. When we saylanding page we mean the opening, first, and home page of your website where the people “land” when they visit your website. The landing page itself drives your visitors to many actions.

·      They may leave the website which is a nondesirable action.

·      The links can take your visitor deeper and deeper in your website.

·      After couple of pages they might want to fill aform or purchase your product.

Since there are plenty of competitors outthere the landingpage is cruical to turn visitors into customers by giving them a good first impression.

Attention Captivity

Attention! Ideally the landing page should have fascinating headline and keyword-targeted content should follow and support the headline. Furthermore,your landing page should not be distracting and complicated. The purpose of the landing page should be supported.

The Purpose

Different pages have different purposes. For a theme-based website for instance, the page’s purpose should be about motivating people todig deeper. You want to show what part of your website is important and you can earn money.

If you aim visitors to sign up for an opt-in form, then you should be sure you have the copy and graphic content on your page. If you are a retail store who sells a product or service, then you need to motivate them with your landing page.

If you are having trouble with your landing page, then youmight want to analyze your website whether it supports your purpose or not. If not, you rework it.

CTA(Call to Action)

Apart from your purpose your landing page needs a call toaction, CTA. Visitors need to be guided what to do next. If they don’t see anything like that, it might be a loss. Guide your visitors with actions and support your page’s purpose.

For a sign up of your op-in list, ask them to do so. If youwant them to see your deeper pages and collect content and information, then put a button to redirect them. Provide number of opportunities for them to addproducts to chart, if you have an e-commerce store.

Test and Track

Keep testing and analyzing the results according to your purpose. Choose the best working headline, call to action button. Be precise about your landing page’s purpose. Follow it up and see if each element of the page supports your purpose or not. If you rework and optimize your landing page, you optimize your business.

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